EZ Read

Microplate Readers

The choice is EZ

The EZ Read range offers a microplate reader for your unique application needs, whether you require a versatile reader for many different assays, a maintenance-free LED reader, a fast reader to keep up in a high throughput lab, or a simple and robust reader for routine measurements.

EZ Read microplate readers are specific application-based instruments, so you choose a microplate reader that is just what you need.

Advanced EZ Read Software

You don’t need to be an expert to use EZ Read Software: Our intuitive approach makes it EZ to add analysis to your measurement.

  • Uncomplicated setup for measurements and analysis
  • Designed for ELISA assays
  • Designed for research labs

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Expertise you can rely on

Biochrom has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of UV/Vis spectrophotometers. We have matched our core expertise in absorbance measurements to suggestions and comments of scientists in order to deliver exactly what is required for fast and efficient results. We understand experimental workflow and have also included the EZ ThermoShake shaker/incubator for microplate incubation as well as Biochrom’s microplate washers.